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How a Corporate Mind Reader Can Bring Your Networking Events to Life

How a Corporate Mind Reader Can Bring Your Networking Events to Life

Do you have a networking event coming up? Are you looking for a form of entertainment that can spice up your networking event?

Building relationships with those who are already established in their fields is a necessary step in the progression of a career. The individuals you know in your chosen sector or business may be a great resource for finding work and other opportunities. It is widely accepted that attending networking events is a great place to start if you want to expand your professional circle.

However, spending a lot of time in one place may dull the senses and the intellect. This is where a corporate mind reader comes in. Corporate mind readers provide walkabout entertainment where at any moment, you and your colleagues may get to take part in a mind reading event. Anyone enjoying the show as a spectator may suddenly find themselves in the middle of the action as a participant at any moment.

Sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll be surprised, but no matter what, it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

Corporate audiences may benefit from this one-of-a-kind show by not only watching but also participating in the mind-blowing tricks. Consider the following when deciding whether or not to hire a corporate mind reader for your next networking event.

5 Reasons You Need a Corporate Mind Reader for Your Networking Event

1. Allows Your Guests to Unwind

It’s important to provide entertaining activities for visitors to enjoy so that they can relax and have a good time. This is the corporate mind reader’s area of expertise.

When people are enjoying themselves, they become more open to learning and interacting with each other. Positive emotions and high levels of energy can be felt by everyone in attendance.

Of course, a networking event is not just about entertainment. You can liaise with your performers beforehand, and arrange to cut down on the entertainment during crucial moments in the event.

It is important to choose your entertainment options wisely. Knowing your audience well in advance can help you tailor the entertainment to their specific tastes. It’s paramount that your guests have a good time, so ensure that your chosen entertainment is plentiful and of the highest quality.

2. Reflects Your Company Values and Vision

A skilled corporate mind reader will be able to put on a show that even the most jaded audience members will enjoy.

However, you might be wondering how a corporate mind reader is relevant to your company. Due to the creative and adaptable nature of a corporate mind reader’s show, they will be able to tailor their acts and performances to communicate your chosen messages.

They could include your company’s motto or phrase during prominent moments in their performance, for example. These kinds of performances will go a long way toward boosting public opinion of your brand. Your company’s image will be projected through the entertainment you choose for your event. Entertainment that fits with the vibe of your business will leave a lasting impact on your visitors. When the entertainment is aligned with the company, the event will run smoothly and cohesively.

When your guests are feeling relaxed and enjoying themselves, they will be more receptive to your inquiries and eager to get insight into your business. In addition to expressing the values and goals of your business, you are also offering them amusement and useful information. Entertainment may be a great tool for getting your point across in this context.

3. Helps You Connect to Potential Clients

Audiences will be amazed, thrilled, and mystified by the performances of corporate mind readers. Happy emotions will be written all over their faces, making them perfect subjects for a photographer.

These images can then be stored for later use on your brand’s social media pages and website. The best part is that the members of the audience also get to take home a priceless memento of their time at the event.

This will generate organic momentum that will extend beyond the scope of the networking event and into wider company promotion. When people continue to speak about an event long after it has ended, you know you did a good job. Providing memorable entertainment is an excellent strategy for ensuring that your visitors will remember your event fondly.

People will speak about your event while they are at work, on break, or just hanging out with friends if they were entertained well. As a result, your message will reach more people and you’ll be able to connect with new customers. This is why it’s crucial to have entertaining activities planned for the occasion.

Many businesses have benefited greatly from word-of-mouth advertising after successful events. One method to guarantee the success of your event is to book suitable entertainment.

4. Easier Networking

Shy or reserved people may find networking events to be stressful and overwhelming. It might be challenging to relax in the company of a large number of strangers in an unfamiliar environment. A corporate mind reader’s performance is an excellent way to break the ice.

Corporate mind reading performances provide a fun diversion from the day-to-day grind, helping people relax and open up to one another. When attendees at a networking event are at ease with one another and able to talk freely, the event will fulfil its intended objective of bringing together professionals from related fields. The speed of the event may be quickened with the help of a corporate mind reader. Everyone in the audience will feel the effects of the excitement and anticipation caused by the show. Once the first flurry of activity dies down, a sense of calm ensues. Conversations become easier now that attendees are relaxed, and not preoccupied with anxiety about saying the wrong thing.

5. Easier Bonding

Having a corporate mind reader at your networking event may help to improve morale and foster stronger relationships amongst attendees. Strong business relationships can emerge as a direct result of your networking event.
After all, the health of a business depends on the quality of the bonds between its employees and its external partners. Partners need to get to know one another and develop close ties for businesses to prosper.
When people feel uneasy talking to one another during company gatherings, it just aggravates the issue. A company’s productivity may suffer as a result. An entertaining corporate magic performance can solve this issue by creating an atmosphere of goodwill and laughter among individuals.


Chris Fleming is a seasoned corporate mind reader and international magician. He has worked for a number of high-profile clients such as Disney, Channel 4, Deloitte, EA Games and Lactalis. With so many events under his belt, he has a solid understanding of how to make a corporate event or work Christmas party into an exceptional and entertaining evening for all in attendance.

Contact Chris today to bring your next networking event to life.