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Why You Need A Corporate Magician For Your Christmas Party

Why You Need A Corporate Magician For Your Christmas Party

Your annual Christmas party could be the most talked about event of the year at your workplace – if it’s done right.

For many people who work in offices, Christmas is the one time of the year where the entire company gets together to celebrate.

If you are organising a corporate event, entertainment should be one of your biggest priorities. Mind-blowing entertainment can be the difference between a memorable event or an average one.

Though a corporate magician might not be the first type of entertainment that comes to mind for a Christmas party, they are a perfect fit for your work event. Read on to find out why.

Unique Entertainment

When you think back on work Christmas parties you’ve attended in the past, what comes to your mind? The entertainment probably consisted of a live band, a DJ, or maybe karaoke.

Corporate magicians bring something different to the table. When was the last time you saw a magic show or close-up magic? Probably a long time ago, right? It’s the perfect time to bring back some of that curiosity and childlike wonder you once felt when you visited the circus with your family – and experience it with your entire workforce.

You might be thinking that magicians don’t really suit the ‘vibe’ of Christmas – perhaps you think that they would be better suited for a Halloween event instead. But if you celebrated Christmas growing up, you probably remember thinking that it was a wonderfully magical time. The anticipation for Christmas Day would build for weeks, culminating in you struggling to sleep on Christmas Eve as you waited for Santa to visit. Of course, now that we are grown we know the truth about Christmas – just as we know that a magician doesn’t perform real magic (spoiler alert). Regardless, your event is the perfect time to bring back those feelings of wonder and happiness.

Conversation Starter

While any event has the potential to be awkward, it can be especially difficult to plan a good work Christmas party. Not everybody likes to socialise with their colleagues outside of work. But for an event to be successful, everybody needs to interact with each other. A skilled corporate magician for your Christmas party is an ideal icebreaker. He knows exactly how to get conversations flowing.

By its nature, magic is an interactive entertainment form. The magician interacts with a group, which creates a shared experience. In turn, this encourages conversation once the trick has been completed and the magician has moved on to another group.

Some individuals like to keep their work life and home life separate. When you hire a corporate magician for a Christmas party, you provide those people with something they can talk to their peers about. By providing everybody with a shared experience, you can avoid the awkward work-related small talk that everybody would rather avoid on their evening off!

Prevents Lulls or Boring Moments

Any kind of event has natural high moments and low moments. These lulls aren’t always a bad thing. But if you’re looking to achieve a high-energy and memorable evening, it’s best to keep your guests from getting bored.

An experienced corporate magician is an expert in breaking the ice and preventing lulls at your event. They are well-versed in creating a lively atmosphere, seeking out tables of bored-looking people to get them laughing and chatting again. A good corporate magician doesn’t just perform amazing tricks. They have a gregarious and engaging personality, which they use to effortlessly hold your attention.

Hiring a corporate magician for your Christmas party is a great way to ensure that your event maintains its momentum.

Creates a Lasting Impression

Magic and mind-reading, by its very nature, is interesting to us because it makes us question how it works. It creates a sense of mystery and wonder, remaining in our mind for a long time after the trick has been completed.

Your guests are sure to return home wondering how these tricks were done – and everybody will be talking about it the next week at work.

However, it’s not just about the success of your event alone. In the corporate world, impressions matter. A well-received event can have a positive impact on your future work relations – and the success of the company you work for.

Shows That You Care

A fantastic entertainer will be remembered by your guests for a long time to come. But similarly, a badly organised event will remain in everyone’s memory. It can also portray the wrong idea to the guests at your event. When you are organising a work Christmas party, you want all attendees to feel like a valued part of your organisation. Hiring quality entertainment is a big part of this. If you organise a boring and lacklustre Christmas party, your colleagues will not feel very appreciated.

Countless studies have shown that happy employees are more productive. Organising a great Christmas party with fantastic entertainment goes a long way in showing your colleagues that they are valued and appreciated.

Provides Natural Photo Opportunities

It’s always great to get photos at events for your company’s website. However, posed photos can look uncomfortable and forced.

Natural smiles tend to look better – and close-up magic tricks are perfect for bringing out happiness in people’s faces. Have your event photographer accompany the magician as he makes his rounds and performs for your guests. The looks of surprise, amazement, and laughter on their faces creates a perfect opportunity for photos.


Not every Christmas event is a good one. Make sure that yours is – by hiring Chris Fleming. Disney, Channel 4, EA Games, Lactalis and Deloitte are just a few of the companies that have enjoyed a visit from Chris in the past. As an experienced international performer, he instinctively knows how to make a good event into a fantastic one.

Chris is available for your work party this festive season. Get in touch today to inquire about his availability, and how he can help you with your event.



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