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Why You Should Be Booking Virtual Magic Shows In 2022

Why You Should Be Booking Virtual Magic Shows In 2022

Although life has slowly returned to normal for many of us, there are still many reasons to book a virtual magician and mind reader.

Some performances are best experienced in person and lose their impact somewhat when viewed through a screen. Unlike many other art forms, magic is equally effective over the internet. In fact, there are some ways in which virtual magic shows are better than in-person or live shows.

For example, virtual magic shows allow for a large audience to experience close-up magic – something that is not very easy to do for a live audience. Close-up magic and stage magic are very different, and each utilises a diverse range of tricks. Tricks that will normally wow an audience when viewed close-up don’t have the same impact when performed in front of a large audience. Close-up magic and stage magic is very different and utilises different tricks. Similarly, some aspects of stage magic are too complex or large to perform close-up. Virtual magic shows allow for many, many people to enjoy close-up magic. With virtual magic, everybody has a front row seat!

Virtual magic shows contain more interactive content than a stage show, which makes them more engaging for the audience. They also do a good job of making interaction with the virtual magician easier for the audience. Audience members at a large stage show may feel anxious about participating as they will have to go up on stage in front of hundreds or even thousands of people. These feelings of anxiety may be lessened by using Zoom – over the last couple of years, almost everyone has become accustomed to using it.

Magic is enjoyed by all audiences – especially the mind reading, which is always very popular. It uses humour that is clean and appropriate for all ages, so there’s no need to worry about causing offence amongst the viewers. Magic creates a memorable event for everybody to share. It’s a timeless art form – despite society’s technological advances, magic remains mysterious and entertaining to everybody. It’s guaranteed to stick in the minds of your guests for months to come!

Virtual Magic Shows for Businesses

Perhaps you run a 100% remote business, or work for a company with multiple international offices. You’re looking for something interesting and unusual for your next corporate event. A virtual magician and mind reader will provide the perfect form of entertainment for your employees and teammates.

Virtual magic shows are very cost-effective for companies to organise. They require far less planning than in-person events – there is no need to locate a venue or ensure that the event is staffed. They can be a very convenient and simple, but effective option for your company’s event. Getting everybody together in one place for a live event can be time-consuming and expensive. At best, it can be a lot of effort – at worst, it is impossible. Booking a virtual magician and mind reader means there is no need for money spent on transport and accommodation in order to attend the show. Your employees can simply log on from the comfort of their own homes. If you run a business that is international, this is an especially crucial benefit.

Remote working is far more commonplace today than it was two or three years ago. Some companies have even made the switch permanent, and are now 100% remote working companies. If you work for one of these companies, you are certain to be acquainted with the concept of Zoom fatigue. Perhaps you have even experienced it yourself. Virtual magic shows fight Zoom fatigue and is one of the best ways to entertain over video conference calls. With a virtual magic show, you are guaranteed to surprise your team and have them all laughing. No awkward silences or stilted conversation!

In addition, virtual magic shows are a safe and reliable form of entertainment. Magic appeals to all ages and backgrounds, regardless of personal tastes – so you can be sure that no matter how diverse your workforce is, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Virtual Magic Shows for Family and Friends

There are a plethora of reasons to book a virtual magic show for family and friends. In this increasingly globalised world, many of us have loved ones who are living in different countries. Perhaps your family have relocated, or perhaps you moved to start a new life elsewhere. If your loved ones live very far away from you, it is not always financially possible to visit them whenever you want. In addition, you may have loved ones who are unable to travel long distances – due to age, illness, or some other reason. Magic is a great way to get everyone together for some light-hearted entertainment. Celebrate a special occasion or simply reconnect with loved ones with a virtual magic show.

Perhaps you have loved ones who work away frequently and aren’t able to come back for a long time. Booking a virtual magic show for a special occasion – a birthday, for example – will allow that person to participate despite their physical distance, and they will feel that they have not been left out of the celebrations.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a virtual magic show is its inherent accessibility. Anyone who owns a computer or a smartphone with internet access will be able to join.

What to expect from Chris Fleming’s Virtual Magic Services

Chris Fleming is an elite magician and mind reader who was recently a grand finalist in The Magic Circle Virtual Magician of the Year Competition.

He has designed a fully interactive virtual magic experience for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Chris can put together a show for you of any length between 15 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes. It’s suitable for all ages and includes a mix of unique magic tricks and impressive mind-reading that’s sure to surprise and entice everyone in attendance. If you are a fan of magic, you’ll love this virtual magic show!

Want to meet Chris in person? In addition to performing virtual magic shows, he is also happy to travel to you! Contact him for more details.




Chris doesn’t just offer virtual shows. He’s also well versed in weddings, corporate events, and private function magic shows.

He can help take some of the stress out of your big day with his wedding emcee/host service – the first of its kind in the UK. Having Chris attend your wedding is guaranteed to make your special day a unique experience for all in attendance.

As an experienced and elite performer, Chris is also the perfect addition to any work event, conference or exhibition. His walkabout magic and mind-reading capabilities make the perfect icebreaker for any corporate event.