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How to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable, Unique, and Exciting

How to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable, Unique, and Exciting

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, so it’s important that your wedding event is as magical and meaningful as possible. However, the hundreds of decisions that go into planning a wedding can make the process feel a little stressful. From picking out bridesmaids’ dresses to hiring a wedding magician, keeping track of everything that needs to be done can be very tiring. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can make your wedding interesting, memorable, and fun – so that you can have one less thing to worry about.


7 Fabulous Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable

There are many ways to make your wedding unforgettable. If the concept of a traditional wedding isn’t appealing to you, don’t be afraid to spice things up! The key to a truly memorable wedding is to inject your own personality into it. These days, your options are endless – so you can plan a wedding that is as unique as you are.

Focus on the love that you share with your partner and think of ways you can share that connection with all the guests at your ceremony. To make this task simpler, read on for seven ways you can make your wedding unforgettable for yourself and your guests.

1. Get a Live Band

One great way to brighten up a wedding is to book a live band. There’s nothing better than music to influence the emotions of your guests – music is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate with those you love. Live music is even better than pre-recorded. It’s unparalleled in its ability to create atmosphere.

Instead of having your chosen band perform passively on the sidelines, you can ask them to interact with the audience and include them as part of the performance. This is a great way to get everyone at the wedding involved. Keeping a recording of the performance is a great way to allow you to remember not just the music from your wedding, but also your audience’s reaction to that music.

2. Hire a Wedding Magician

If you’ve been to lots of weddings in the past, you’ll know that most of them have natural lulls and quiet moments. With nothing to keep them busy, guests may mull around aimlessly. Arranging a magician to provide walkabout entertainment for these moments can be a great way to keep the day running smoothly. Magic is a fantastic way to bring people together – it creates a shared experience that builds rapport between guests. It can also be an excellent conversation starter. Your great-uncle and your colleague in their early 20s will have something in common that they can talk about while you are having your wedding photos taken.

Magic is a form of entertainment that is universally enjoyed. Taste in music can vary from person to person – a genre enjoyed by some people may seem dull to others. Magic is entertaining regardless of age, gender, or background. If you are looking for a simple and engaging way to keep all your guests entertained at once, hiring a wedding magician can be a great option. A magic show will bring an extra bit of sparkle to your event that is sure to make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

3. Have a Fireworks Display

Fireworks are a simple but effective way to make any occasion feel special. If you are having your wedding reception at night, planning a nice outdoor fireworks display can be a great way of bringing the evening to a close. Fireworks provide a central focal point, drawing everyone’s attention. This allows for the creation of a special moment that is shared between everyone at the wedding venue.

4. Create a Photo Wall

This trend has been popular since the early 2010s. For this one, all you need is a blank bulletin board and a Polaroid or instant camera. Guests can take pictures of themselves at the wedding and stick them onto the bulletin board. You can also leave pens and sticky notes so that guests can write down little messages for the newly married couple.

A photo wall is not just an activity to keep guests occupied – it can also become a nice memorabilia piece for the couple after the wedding. Of course, professional photographs are essential. But having an additional collection of photographs taken by friends and family can add a sentimental and personal touch.

5. Create a Hashtag

We live in a digital age, so it only makes sense to bring that part of our lives into our modern wedding events. Create a hashtag that is personal and unique to your wedding. Then ask guests to use the hashtag whenever they post photographs of your wedding to social media.

You can also use the hashtag as a way of personalizing napkins or table toppers. This gracefully conveys to the guests which hashtags you want them to use for your wedding. Hashtags also allow you to easily find pictures of your wedding after the event is over. Simply type your hashtag into the search bar of any social media site to see photos of your wedding day.

6. Create a Crafting Section

When it comes to incorporating crafts into your wedding, there are a plethora of options available to you. You can leave a crafts table in one corner of the venue so that guests can make fun accessories. Or you could set up a crafts project that everyone in the wedding must complete together before the day is over.

For instance, many people set up wedding guest fingerprint trees. For this, all you need to do is set up a board with the trunk of a tree drawn on it. As guests enter your wedding venue, they will create leaves for the trees by pressing their fingerprints onto the branches. This is another great project that allows guest interaction and creates memorabilia for the couple to take home.

7. Hire a Food Truck

Fine dining at weddings is delicious. However, depending on the vibe you are going for, a sit-down meal can feel overly formal. Hiring a food truck is a great way of subverting typical wedding traditions and adding some fun to the mix. Another bonus of food trucks is that when hired for the day, they can be open at all times. This is also a great way of providing your guests with food at any point during the event.

Food trucks can even contribute to the décor of your event. Many couples hire trucks and personalise them with special messages. This way food trucks can also play a part in creating the atmosphere for your wedding. You can further personalise food trucks by having them serve food that is specific to your journey with your significant other.


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Wedding decisions are never easy to make, but with the help of live bands, wedding magicians, or simple craft projects, you can make your wedding a day to remember. To take one step further in enhancing your wedding magic, enquire now for the best wedding magic show for your friends and family.




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