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Book A Corporate Mind Reader To Impress And Astound Your Colleagues

Book A Corporate Mind Reader To Impress And Astound Your Colleagues

If you are looking to spice up your next corporate event, it’s time you started thinking outside the box. It’s 2022 already, and almost everything has become old – from bowling to escape rooms. It’s about time you came up with something unique, fun and engaging for everyone. So how about hiring a corporate mind reader to take your event to the next level?

For a successful corporate event, attendee participation is highly encouraged. Alongside highlighting your company’s achievements, you also need to connect with many people – such as business partners, your employees, the press, and brand ambassadors. Thus, nothing beats a mind reader’s magical performance for jaw-dropping entertainment that everybody will enjoy.

What Does A Mentalist Or Mind Reader Do?

A mentalist or mind reader uses skill, misdirection, psychological suggestions and showmanship to demonstrate the appearance of remarkable mind-reading. They are highly skilled in reading body language. They mostly use subliminal methods, memory techniques and sleight of hand to win over the crowd.

A mind reader performs purely for entertainment purposes at a party or an event. Usually, they perform on a stage or in smaller groups, manipulating their audience’s memory and subtly influencing their thoughts through psychological suggestion. Of course, there is no such thing as ‘true’ mind reading – but a mentalist’s act will always leave you baffled, wondering how he pulled it off and whether he really did read your mind.

Whenever we think of a professional mind reader, magic acts such as guessing which card you have picked come to mind. These simple card tricks may be among the most well-known mind-reading techniques. But a modern mentalist is capable of much more!

A mentalist or mind reader can entertain a large audience by putting on a fantastic live show that creates the perfect wow factor for any event or celebration. They can also put on a walk-about performance, travelling fluidly between small groups of people to make them laugh. Walkabout mind-reading shows are incredibly trendy and work as excellent icebreakers.

Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Mind Reader for Your Corporate Event

Have you been thinking of hiring a corporate mind reader or mentalist for your event to make it more memorable? Not only does it create a unique and special occasion, it’s also guaranteed to increase the entertainment value of your event. Let’s take a look at seven compelling reasons to consider hiring a corporate mind reader.

1. A Rare Experience!

Mentalists and mind readers set themselves apart from magicians by giving their performances a sense of realism. Magicians perform impossible feats in front of their audience. The audience must utilise their imaginations and suspend their disbelief to enjoy this experience. On the other hand, mentalists give the impression of having extraordinary mental abilities.

Corporate mentalists employ their understanding of body language, psychology, and deception to create mind-boggling performances. They can make your event a truly unique and rare experience for the audience.

2. Increased Audience Engagement

When it comes to corporate events, they mostly tend to be passive experiences. So the audience only observes and listens, and goes home with a hazy memory of the entire event when it’s over. As event organisers, no one wants that.

Booking a corporate mentalist for your event can guarantee that the audience will actively engage in the event, resulting in long-lasting memories. When they are conversing with a small gathering or are on stage, mentalists constantly communicate with the audience. They require the audience’s continuous involvement and feedback to accomplish their mind-blowing feats.

3. Customisable Performance

No doubt, mentalists can provide an engaging and fascinating performance for your audience. However, you might be confused about how they can relate to your business? The truth is that mentalists can easily customise their performances and shows to deliver a specific brand message.

For example, they can include your company’s motto or slogan at a key point in their performance. They can even invite the CEO, your corporate partners, or valued workers to participate in the performance. Such engaging performances can help the audience form positive perceptions about your company.

4. Intellectual Performance

The performances of mentalists are unlike anything else. They don’t do a lot of tricks that require large props and well-rehearsed moves. Instead, they mostly rely on their knowledge of psychology, human behaviour, and subliminal suggestions to create their performances.

A corporate mind reader may instruct you to think of a word or a number. Then they will show you a card that has the same word or number on it. Even though you know the mind reader can’t read your thoughts for real, it makes you wonder how they did it.

5. Media Content To Publicise Your Event

Mentalists can amaze, thrill, and mystify your audiences with their performances. Their reactions will be visible on their faces, and a photographer can capture their positive emotions.

You can then save these photos as valuable content to post on your brand’s social media accounts and dedicated websites. The best part is that even the people in the audience get to keep a valuable souvenir of their memorable experience.

6. Helps Create An Inclusive Event

It’s essential to remember that corporate events involve people from diverse backgrounds. So the entertainment you book for the event must be suitable for everybody. Mentalists are famous for their cheerful, approachable demeanours, and skilled performers can entertain a crowd without overstepping the line.

Some mentalists also incorporate comedy aspects into their shows for those who aren’t interested in magical performances. Even if there are people who don’t like magic, everyone enjoys a good laugh and a good joke.

7. A Sophisticated Performance Ideal For Corporate Events!

Mentalists exist at the crossroad of two worlds: artistic and corporate. So you won’t see any flashy costumes, massive props, fire, or vegas dancers as you might see at a magic show.

Mentalists distinguish themselves by presenting themselves in a more sophisticated and refined manner. But of course, they don’t just wear a sharp suit – they showcase their brilliant minds as well.

This unique aspect of a corporate mentalist makes them particularly well-suited for corporate events. They can appear as professional businessmen, weaving their way through the crowd to engage with different groups. At first glance, they may just seem like a colleague or company employee – then they proceed to perform an incredible mental feat. With this understated style of performance, the quality entertainment is the primary focus – not the flashy outfits.

Chris Fleming: The Perfect Mentalist For Your Corporate Event

Planning for your upcoming corporate event can be stressful, and undoubtedly you want it to go off without a hitch. However, you also want this to be a memorable event. You want your attendees to talk about the event afterwards, and etch the memory of the evening into their minds as much as possible.

The guests will probably not remember the sitting around, how good the food was, or even the drinks. They will remember how engaging and fascinating the entertainment was, and that’s where Chris Fleming, a highly experienced corporate mind reader and international performer, comes in.

With previous performances at events for high-profile companies like Disney, Deloitte, Channel 4, EA Games, and much more under his belt, Chris has a wealth of knowledge about how to create a great evening. He loves ensuring that events he attends are both profitable for the hosts and enjoyable for the attendees.

So if you wish to host a successful corporate event and astound everyone in your audience, you can rely on Chris’s excellent mind-reading skills. Get in contact today to host a corporate event that will make your guests gasp, laugh, and experience a night of a lifetime!


If you want to host a corporate event that your entire office will be talking about, it’s time to hire a corporate mind reader. Entertainment sets your corporate event apart from all the others, and mind-reading gives it the perfect wow factor to make it unique.

So if you plan to hire a mind reader to impress your colleagues, consider Chris Fleming, a corporate mentalist and worldwide performer who can turn your event into a memorable and magical one.




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