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Why A Magic Wedding Emcee Is The Perfect Host For Your Big Day

Why A Magic Wedding Emcee Is The Perfect Host For Your Big Day

If your wedding day is approaching, you have lots of preparations to make. If you don’t have someone reliable to help you manage your guests on your special day, you run the risk of things going awry. You want your visitors to be entertained as well as properly guided throughout the entire function.

When it comes to managing the guests on your big day, no one can do it better than a magic wedding emcee. You might be wondering what a magic wedding emcee is, and why they would be the perfect host for your big day? You cannot just hire anyone to be your wedding host – it is a job that requires practice and skill. Read on to find out why a magic wedding emcee like Chris Fleming is the perfect choice for your celebration.

What Is A Magic Wedding Emcee?

If you have never heard of a magic wedding emcee (aka MC/Master Of Ceremonies), you are probably feeling confused about their role in your wedding. In simple words, a magic wedding emcee is the host of a wedding, who also performs magic to keep your guests entertained.

Still confused? Then let’s consider the traditional role of a wedding toastmaster. Throughout the wedding, there will be many moments when announcements must be made – the grand entrance, speeches, first dance, and so on. Guests must be guided to their respective places, and attendees need to be informed of what will take place next in the wedding ceremony.

A wedding emcee makes sure that everything is running smoothly and on schedule. A family member, friend, or traditional toastmaster often plays the role of emcee.
A magic wedding emcee carries out all the above responsibilities, but that’s not all. In addition, he makes sure the guests at the wedding are constantly entertained. A magic emcee will perform various acts of mind-reading and magic that will keep your guests in awe.

Why Not Just Choose A Traditional Wedding Host?

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. You want to make it memorable – not only for you and your partner but also for your guests. When it comes to choosing a wedding host, you have a few choices. You may already have people you feel you can rely on to fulfil this role. So, why should you hire a magic wedding emcee for your wedding instead?

Before considering your reasons for choosing a magic wedding emcee for your wedding, let us consider the traditional choices you have so that you can compare the services of a magic emcee with them.

A Traditional Wedding Toastmaster

A wedding toastmaster can professionally handle the hosting of a wedding. They have a deep knowledge of wedding traditions, ceremonial proceedings, and protocols. But let’s be honest. A traditional toastmaster can also put your guests to sleep.

If you want a formal wedding, then a toastmaster is your guy. However, if you want your wedding to be fun and memorable for the right reasons, you have to arrange the best kind of entertainment for guests of all ages. A professional toastmaster won’t perform magic, or amuse your guests in any other way.

An Emcee Provided by The Wedding Venue

If you have no one to host your wedding, your venue provider will likely choose the manager or a staff member to take on this role. However, the priority of the venue staff members is simply to make sure all the guests are seated in the correct place and that everyone is properly fed. The nuances of your wedding preferences are the last thing on their minds – they’re far too busy ensuring that the food comes out on time.

Moreover, they may not have had any interaction with you before the wedding day. The staff member may not even know your name, let alone the names of your guests. Plus the venue staff member definitely would not be entertaining your guests like a professional magic emcee would.

A Family Member Or Friend

Of course, you could choose one of your family members or friends to host your wedding. But are you sure they want to perform their duty? Emceeing at a wedding event is not a simple task. The host has a lot of duties to fulfil. Your family members and friends also want to enjoy your wedding and spend happy moments with you.

If one of your dearest acquaintances volunteers to be the host, that is fine if they have previous experience. However, they are probably not professional emcees. So, there is a high chance they may get nervous while hosting the occasion. Plus, they may not have the skills to keep the guests entertained for hours.

So, Why A Magic Wedding Emcee?

Considering all the options outlined above, a magic wedding emcee should be your first choice. Chris is adept at performing all the duties of a traditional toastmaster, in a more fun and entertaining manner.

Chris will take on all the responsibility of managing your guests. During lulls or other quiet moments of the event, Chris will also perform magic tricks designed to break the ice between your guests and keep them laughing.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about how your guests are feeling at your wedding. You and your partner can relax and enjoy your big day with your loved ones knowing that the day is in Chris’ capable hands.

Who Is Chris Fleming?

If you are looking for a professional magician with amazing hosting skills, Chris Fleming is the best choice for you. He is one of the most in-demand magicians and mind readers in the UK. His performances are mostly based in South East England, but he also performs internationally and via virtual shows.

Chris Fleming acts as a magic consultant for various TV and film projects. His mind-blowing acts have even also landed him a cameo role in Now You See Me 2, a popular movie about magicians.

His unique magic skills are also enjoyed by high-profile celebrities. He has performed for Adele, Kanye West, Ronaldinho, and many others. In fact, his astonishing magical performance charmed even the Queen of England!

How Will Chris Fleming Make Your Wedding Magical?

Chris’s main goal at your wedding is to keep your guests entertained and having a good time. With years of experience as a professional magician, Chris knows exactly what to do to deliver an unforgettable experience to guests of all ages & backgrounds.

Chris will meet with you and your partner before your wedding to discuss how you want things to go on your special day. He will spend some time understanding your vision for the day as well as getting to know about you and the guests who will be attending your wedding. He will then use this knowledge to give his magic acts and announcements a more personal touch.

Here is some of what you can expect from Chris Fleming’s wedding host services:
– Addressing the guests for wedding breakfast/dinner.
– Announcing the grand entrance of the bride and groom at the wedding breakfast/dinner
– 10-to-15-minute magic cabaret show to warm up the guests and ensure that they are paying attention for the speeches.
– Introducing the speeches.
– Announcing the cake cutting and the first dance of the wedding.
– Solving any hosting issues and ensuring no technical issues occur during the event.
– Generally being on hand throughout the day to solve any issues that may come up, working alongside the venue.

In between, Chris will perform close-up magic & mind reading. His hosting and performance will involve humour and laughter. He has a unique ability to bring all the guests together and create a memorable experience for everyone present in the venue.


Your guests are a major part of your life-changing event. To have a perfect wedding day, it’s important to keep your attendees entertained. Your guests won’t remember the additional flowers or decorations you purchase, but they will remember the entertainment. By having a professional magician like Chris Fleming at the wedding, you can provide your guests with reliable, unique and engaging entertainment. This will free up more of your time to focus on celebrating with your partner.

Get in touch with Chris today to ensure that your wedding is the magical day you’ve always dreamed of.




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