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5 Private Parties That Are Perfect for a Mind Reader

5 Private Parties That Are Perfect for a Mind Reader

Party planning. Some people love it, some people hate it – but everybody wants their party to stand out in the minds of their attendees. Whether you’re trying to impress your friends, celebrating a special event, or providing top-notch entertainment to VIP guests, a private party mind reader is the perfect solution.

Maybe you want to create a memorable event for guests at your private party. Or maybe you want to encourage a friendly atmosphere at an event that is prone to causing tension. For both of these situations, a private party mind reader is your best bet.

Magicians and mind readers like Chris Fleming are highly adept at engaging your audience, involving them in the show and making them feel relaxed and happy.

So, what kinds of events are perfect for a private party mind reader?

Below are 5 types of party you can consider.

5 Private Parties Ideal for a Mind Reader

Themed Parties

If you’re just looking to have some fun with friends, family or colleagues, you could throw a themed party.

Mind reading performances are well suited for themed parties. Some ideas include circus and magic themed parties, James Bond casino nights, Alice in Wonderland, or Las Vegas themed parties. Ask your friends to come in fancy dress and invest in lots of colourful decorations if you really want to set the scene.

Your private party mind reader will arrive and blend in with your friends, working his way through the crowds to wow attendees with amazing tricks. Mind reading shows are not just entertaining – they’re interactive too. You will never have a dull moment at your party when there is a mind reader present.


A mind reading performance is the ideal gift for a couple celebrating a milestone in their relationship. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary, or that of a friend.

Setting the scene and creating a joyful moment could be the catalyst that brings two individuals closer together. A mind reading performance can also help bring forth long-lost excitement in a marriage, literally creating that ‘magical touch’ in your relationship. Furthermore, having a mind reading performance at an anniversary party could potentially foster the first signs of a new relationship amongst friends and well-wishers.

In many years to come, would you like to look back and know that the entertainment at your anniversary party fostered a new relationship between a couple?

How would you feel knowing that the themed evening you gifted to your favourite couple stirred up the excitement in their marriage once again?

Family Reunions

When it comes to bringing people together, no form of entertainment does it better than mind reading.

Mind reading is appealing to everyone regardless of generational differences. Therefore, it provides a reliable form of entertainment and is well suited for children and grandparents alike.

Whether you are trying to repair broken family relations or just create a stronger bond between family members, Chris can provide the magic you need.

When a mind reader performs his craft, he creates illusions that leave you awe-struck. A skilled mind reader engages everyone in his performances, leaving them racking their brains or even laughing their heads off. You’ll all be lost in the moment, coming back to reality with the realisation that any tension has dissipated. After the evening is over, it will leave behind a sense of love, affection and togetherness.


Birthday parties are times of celebration. Everyone loves a good birthday party where they can just relax, have fun and enjoy some downtime.

If you want to take your birthday party to the next level, book a walkabout mind reader! You want to create a lively atmosphere, and the presence of a skilled mind reader is sure to bring an element of excitement and exclusivity to your party.

Why not throw a surprise birthday party for your friend, and book a mind reader for the event? This would not only make a huge impression on the minds of your guests, it will be an amazing experience for the celebrant – one they will remember for years to come.

VIP events

Hiring entertainers is the perfect way to ensure your event has that exclusive feeling. Walkabout entertainment adds a touch of luxury to any event. It also creates insta-worthy moments that your guests will want to post to their socials, providing you with free advertisement.

If you want to make your guests feel truly important, hire a skilled mind reader for your VIP event.


Whether it’s a special event or just an opportunity for catching up with old friends, a talented mind reader can spice up any occasion.

Mind readers like Chris Fleming excel at walkabout entertainment, creating a fantastic atmosphere for any event. If you need a storyteller, some good humour, or some mind-boggling mind reading performances, you can always count on Chris to deliver.

Get in contact today to organise a mind reader for your private party.




Planning a more formal occasion? Chris is also available for corporate events and weddings.